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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

For Paris

A Croissant is a butter-laden flaky French pastry, named for its distinctive crescent shape. Croissants are made of a leavened variant of puff pastry by layering yeast dough with butter and rolling and folding a few times in succession, then rolling. Am I making you hungry?

No one knows when or where the first croissant was baked, but it was definitely in France and certainly not before 1850. The word was first used in a dictionary in 1863. The first croissant recipe was published in 1891, but it wasn't the same kind of croissant we are familiar with today. The first recipe that would produce what we consider to be a croissant wasn't published until 1905, and, again, it was in France.

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Brisbane History - 1828, 25th August - Cunningham discovered and passed through 'Cunningham's Gap' in the Great Dividing Range, linking the Darling Downs with the Moreton Bay District.


Blogger Annie said...

Yes, you've made me hungry for a croissant. I've considered trying to make them myself but it would just take too long.

Greetings from Arkansas USA. It's fun to visit Brisbane.

7:46 am  
Anonymous Anne said...

I love croissant...guess i will have that for lunch today :) Thanks for the suggestion!

12:41 pm  
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