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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A dragon

Emerging from the depths comes a very friendly looking dragon.

Forest Lake History - Aboriginal population declined over the next century due to diseases, relocation and other factors. Many were moved to mission stations well away from the city and children continued to be removed from their families until the 1960's.

However, many aborigines moved back into the city after WWII and lived in the old Negro servicemen’s area of South Brisbane. By the early 1960s many had moved to the new housing areas of Acacia Ridge and Inala. 160 families were interviewed in 1961, in this region, and many were found to be living in poor conditions. In 1963 the OPAL hostel was established which assisted with short-term accommodation, meals and welfare issues generally. By 1971, the census revealed that there were 3,200 Aboriginals in the Brisbane region; much less than in the 1840s.


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