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Monday, June 26, 2006

Lilly pads

Forest Lake History - Dr Stephen Simpson, who was Commissioner for Crown Lands from 1842-1855, was responsible for ensuring that the Aborigines were treated on an equal basis to the white population.

He established a base at Woogaroo where he later built Wolston House. After about 1842 more evidence of Aboriginal resistance to the white invaders was evident. By 1843, Dr Simpson reported that there were only about 40 Aborigines living in the vicinity of Woogaroo, although the population in the Moreton Bay region was estimated to be about 5000.

Interestingly, an escaped convict Bracefield, who had lived with the aborigines in the Wide Bay area, was assigned to Dr Simpson after his return to Moreton Bay in 1842. Other convicts assisted in the construction of a police post, house, stables and outbuildings. Bracefield later died on the Woogaroo property.


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