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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Grand Parade

The grand parade is held on both days of the fayre. All those who have made a costume display them as part of their re-enactment group. Each group choose a time period to re-enact and chose a group name. Some groups have 2 people displaying their costumes while others have 30-40.

In answer to a previous question, the photo of Brisbane was taken from Mt Coot-tha and it was a little smoggy. Also, I will take the Parkinson photos on Sunday so I should have a series for next week.


Blogger Kim said...

Wow, the costumes are really good. They look as if they've just stepped off a tapestry commemorating a battle! Nice shot. Seattle (because of the rain the rest of the year) makes the most of its summers by having multiple festivals going on all summer long. Here you would see the Seafair Pirates (argh!) and the Nordic Heritage Museum's Viking reinactors.

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