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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fig tree reserve

Go south along Eagle Street to the corner of Eagle, Elizabeth and Creek Streets. You'll come to an oasis of trees in the financial district.

This fig tree reserve consists of two white figs (Ficus virens) and one banyan (Ficus banghalensis) with their curtains of aerial roots.

The white fig is the same species as the trees in King Edward Park. This large native fig is deciduous (sheds its leaves annually).

The banyan tree is native to India and is sacred in the Hindu religion. The tree produces aerial roots that develop into curtains of prop roots when they reach the ground. Aerial roots are kept trimmed in the park.

It's likely that Brisbane's first curator of botanic gardens, Walter Hill, planted these trees in the mid 1800s. The two clues to his involvement at this site are:

* a photo of the figs taken in 1889 showing them to be eight to 10 metres high
* a statement in his annual report in 1874 (15 years earlier than the photo) where he said, "the two reserves for shade trees and ornamental shrubs at the corners of Queen, Eagle and Creek Streets are making good progress in the growth of their vegetation"

In 1889, Queen Victoria granted the area where the trees stand to the then North Brisbane Council.


Blogger Steve said...

Hey Darren, I'm looking at those trees right now.

My desk is right between the NAB building you photographed earlier and the stand of fig trees.

Actually, it's in a building between the two, but you get my meaning.

12:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me how many nuts and blots are in the story bridge please and thank you

9:00 am  
Anonymous Alan said...

Thanks, Darren. I was just trawling for info on these for a pic I'm posting right now and you've helped me out brilliantly. Cheers :)

1:52 am  

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