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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

For the love of beer

We have an ad on TV here which shows why this man is doing this.

It starts with several trebuchet (catapults) firing large quantities of various ingredients (like hops & malt) into the clouds as people look on. They even fire 2 barmaids up there. Then they hear lift doors open and their is a stag in the lift.

Everybody goes quiet as they stare. Then you see the stag in the trebuchet getting fired into the clouds. Next you hear thunder and the sky turns amber. Next it starts raining beer as all the ingredients have mixed together in the sky. Everybody starts dancing and try to catch the beer like the man on the billboard.


Blogger Nathalie said...

You know Darren, I saw this ad several times on TV and I could never figure out what they were doing with their catapults. I never got that it was raining beer at the end either. Poor me, foreigners are hopeless sometimes. Anyway, thanks for explaining it to me, you made my day!

8:03 am  
Anonymous Gavin Hart said...

I know this corner of Brisbane. I worked nearby in the 'Valley' for four years. You have caught a great shot of this subject. I also took a photo of this but it is of a much wider angle and does not have the same effect as yours.

10:39 am  
Anonymous Sam Berringer said...

Did you see the trebuchet from Tooheys is now for sale on eBay this week! Go to and search for trebuchet to see it! Wow!

9:48 pm  

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